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Clear Quartz & 7 Chakra

Clear Quartz & 7 Chakra

Clear quartz is commonly used to clear away negativity & to create a better spiritual's often used to aid in meditation. The 7 Chakras are commonly used to balance energy and emotions. It is known to promote optimism and deter negative energy. Each color represents a different part of your body & aspect of your life.

Root Chakra, (Muladhara) = Red 
Sacral Chakra, (Svadhisthana) = Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra, (Manipura) = Yellow
Heart Chakra (Anahata) = Green
Throat Chakra, (Vishuddha) = Blue 
Third eye Chakra, (Ajna) = Indigo 
Crown Chakra. (Sahasrara) = Violet 

Enjoy the beauty & benefits of this clear quartz & 7 chakra bracelet! 

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    Due to the nature and intent of our products, no refunds/returns. All sales are final with the exception of damaged products. In the event that you receive a damage product please contact us within 2 days using the contact section on this website. Those items will be exchange only with the return of the damage merchandise. Exchanges do no apply to items affected by normal wear and tear, neglect, or damage occuring after the item has been in your possession more than 48 hours.

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